Mandi Leigh resides in Western Canada’s Vancouver Lower Mainland, and has been creating Jewelry & Accessories for 4 years.  She began her foray into the artistic form designing feather earrings and hairpieces.  Mandi has continued to grow with the ever changing trends, and rediscovered an almost-lost family trade of leather work.  The scent of tanned leather brought back memories of her mother creating similar pieces when Mandi was a child.  She only later discovered her grandfather was also a leather worker!  Now, she uses the knowledge passed down through 2 generations, a course taken at a local leather shop, and her own artistic fervor to create modern and classic works.  Always striving to make designs uniquely characteristic to an individual, Mandi offers one on one consultations with her customers to ensure their respective piece is specific to THEM.  Be sure to stop by the Gallery page and peruse the many different inspirations Mandi has brought to life!